This was a weird piece to do. Entertainment Weekly asked for a very straight riff on Roy Lichtenstein's "Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But..."[1], but with the blonde woman made to look like Anna Faris. I thought that sounded like an interesting challenge, because Lichtenstein's style isn't terribly akin to mine, and then trying to do a likeness in another person's style... that was worth trying. And it was tricky. I'm not sure that I really pulled it off – and, to be honest, I'm not sure how satisfied the client was, either, but the editor (Dragos Lemnei) was very polite with his nudges that I should try, try again.

The other thing that made this weird was that I had been aware of David Barsalou's work[2] in identifying the original comic book panels on which Lichtenstein based his paintings, and so I couldn't help but look at the original panel[3] by Tony Abruzzo[4]. Abruzzo's image is, frankly, the best of the three. Mine's fine, but it's stiff; Lichtenstein's is... well, it's Lichtenstein, so it's pretty awful; Abruzzo's is just a gorgeous little piece of cartooning.

I wanted to contact Abruzzo, but sadly he's been dead since 1990.